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Better Diaper Bag: Ju-Ju-Be Super Be Review

Updated July 5, 2016

Better Diaper Bag: The Ju-Ju-Be Super Be is a generously sized tote-style bag that fits all your baby stuff, whether heading to the park for an afternoon or even for weekend travel. With seven pockets, microbial interior fabric and great fashion, the Be Hip works well for parents on a budget (it’s only $50) who want style and oleonvenience.

Diaper Bags 101

If you’re a first-time parent who has never purchased a diaper bag before, or a veteran parent needs a quick refresher on what to look for in a diaper bag, click here for our Diaper Bag 101.

How we picked a winner

We evaluate diaper bags with hands-on inspections, reviews by our readers and online feedback. We do not accept free samples from manufacturers—if we purchase a diaper bag to review, we buy it from the same sources we recommend on this site (Amazon, stores, etc).

We also meet manufacturers in person at trade events and evaluate product samples and prototypes.

We have been researching and writing about diaper bags since 1994. Back in the the 90’s, cheap vinyl diaper bags with super cutesy patterns and colors were the rage—and about all that was available. Today’s diaper bags are a world away in terms of fashion and function. Fabrics are tear and stain resistant, travel wipes containers are standard issue and insulated compartments are available in most bags. And like every corner of the baby biz, luxury goods makers have rolled out designer diaper bags . . . at designer prices.

Ju-Ju-Be, the brand

BE PREPARED TOKIDOKIJu-Ju-Be got its start in diaper bags. Launched in 2005, the company has since expanded into wallets, wristlets, bibs, travel bags and luggage tags. Ju-Ju-Be’s mojo is their bright, cheerful prints (example: TokiDoki manga prints, see right). The company’s diaper bags have made it into the movies and TV, including a cameo on Bradley Cooper’s shoulder in The Hangover II.

Why this model

Looking for light weight in a diaper bag? The Ju-Ju-Be Super Be is one of the lightest on the market, weighting in at a mere 12 ounces. And thanks to the zippered top, everything you cram into this bag will not fall out when you set it down. It comes with three exterior pocks on one side (and two are tall enough for water bottles), one large back pocket, two mesh pockets inside . . . plus an interior zippered pocket and their Smart Pocket organizing system.

Best of all, the fabric is washable, Teflon coated and anti microbial (the lining). Don’t worry about losing stuff in the interior–they use light colored lining fabric so you can see every last toy, scrunchy, cell phone and snack inside–you can see the lighter lining here:

Ju-Ju-Be Super Be diaper bag

Parents love the large main compartment; some even used it as a beach tote for towels and other supplies or for overnight trips. Parents also love Ju-Ju-Be’s bright fabrics and the affordable price.

Flaws but not deal breakers

No matter how great, every diaper bag has its negatives and here’s our take on the Super Be:

  • It’s big. Yep, that may work for you on weekends away or if you have multiple kids, but you may need a smaller bag for those quick trips to the market. Here’s a graphic that shows you bag’s overall size:

Ju-Ju-Be Super Be diaper bag

  • The straps are short. It is a tote after all, so there’s no over-the-shoulder strap.
  • There is no changing pad. But you can buy this as an accessory from just about any online store that sells baby gear.

Also Great

Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

$180.00* at Amazon

* Prices change daily. Shop carefully.

This full size, full feature diaper bag is great for weekend trips, parents with multiple kids in diapers and (of course) first-time parents. It’s easy to access and organized with color coded tabs to help keep your gear organized.

Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared diaper bag

Also recommended

Ju-Ju-Be also makes a full feature bag that gets rave reviews from parents: the Be Prepared has magnetic closures, tons of pockets (17 compartments!), both tote handles and a messenger-style strap and the same Teflon coated, machine washable fabric with anti-microbial interior. Unlike the Super Be, it also has a changing pad and unique crumb drains to keep it clean. Biggest disadvantage: it’s expensive! At $180, it probably makes a better gift registry item than a solo purchase.

Diaper Bag Competition

Brands like Skip Hop, JJ Cole and Gerber offer a wide variety of tote style diaper bags in prices ranging from $20 to $70. But none of these have the advantage of the washable, Teflon coated fabric and anti-microbial lining like the Super Be. And Super Be is a lot bigger (a plus if you’re looking for a roomy tote).

To sum it up

For parents who need a light weight tote with lots of room for gear, the Ju-Ju-Be Super Be is excellent. While it doesn’t have a changing pad, all the pockets inside and out offer great organization options. And the light colored interior lets you see all your provisions. Yes, the tote straps are rather short, but that’s the point of a tote-style bag. Parents love the patterns and colors,yet for us the Teflon coating, machine washability and interior anti-microbial fabric are the Super Be’s best features.

Ju-Ju-Be Super Be diaper bag

Ju-Ju-Be Super Be

This fashionable tote-style diaper bag sports 9 pockets, Teflon coating, antimicrobial lining and is machine washable. Plus it is light weight.

$50.00* at Amazon

* Prices change daily. Shop carefully.