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Good Diaper Bag: Soho 6-in-1 Review

Updated July 5, 2016

Good Diaper Bag: rendhe Soho 6-in-1 is a pretty amazing deal—for $21.99, you get an insulated bottle bag, changing pad, wipes container, snack bag, and accessory case . .  all in a medium size bag with a couple of exterior pockets. While the fashion of these bags is basic, the neutral colors will probably work for most folks.

Diaper Bags 101

If you’re a first-time parent who has never purchased a diaper bag before, or a veteran parent needs a quick refresher on what to look for in a diaper bag, click here for our Diaper Bag 101.

How we picked a winner

We evaluate diaper bags with hands-on inspections, reviews by our readers and online feedback. We do not accept free samples from manufacturers—if we purchase a diaper bag to review, we buy it from the same sources we recommend on this site (Amazon, stores, etc).

We also meet manufacturers in person at trade events and evaluate product samples and prototypes.

We have been researching and writing about diaper bags since 1994. Back in the the 90’s, cheap vinyl diaper bags with super cutesy patterns and colors were the rage—and about all that was available. Today’s diaper bags are a world away in terms of fashion and function. Fabrics are tear and stain resistant, travel wipes containers are standard issue and insulated compartments are available in most bags. And like every corner of the baby biz, luxury goods makers have rolled out designer diaper bags . . . at designer prices.

SoHo, the brand

SoHo is probably the most famous for their crib bedding sets: 10 piece crib sets sold online for $70 and including items like a quilt, bumper, sheet, crib skirt, diaper stacker, two window valances, toy bag, baby pillow and bib. As you might guess from the pricing, Soho’s bedding and diaper bags are made in China (the company has an office in Connecticut).

Why this model

At first, you might think a diaper bag that costs less than $50 isn’t really that cheap. After all, you can find plenty of options for less. But those cheaper options usually only include a diaper changing pad. The SoHo Diaper bag ($49 retail, but on sale for as little as $22) has SIX pieces: a zippered wipes case, insulated bottle bag, food bag (for snacks), accessory case and changing pad. The diaper bag itself has a several outside pockets and zip closure on top. Readers who purchased it noted that the small accessory bag can be used for short trips or kept in the car as a second bag for emergencies.

SoHo makes this bag in several colors. They also have a few other, slightly different versions like the one below:

SoHo Diaper Bag Madison

Flaws but not deal breakers

The biggest complaints we get about affordably priced diaper bags center around quality. Here’s a rundown of the complaints on the Soho diaper bag from parents:

  • Cheap components: parents have complained zippers breaking after only a short time of use. No this bag probably won’t last for more than one child, but it still a good value for the price.
  • Strong plastic odor. Letting the bag air out for a couple of days usually does the trick.
  • Size: the bag is smaller than it looks in the picture. If you have more than one child or are using if for a newborn, you may need a roomier bag.

Also Great

Gerber Diaper Tote

$20.43* at Amazon

* Prices change daily. Shop carefully.

Though it’s small, the Gerber Diaper Tote bag has plenty of pockets and zippered top. It’s best for a short trip to the mall, rather than a weekend getaway.

Gerber Diaper Tote

 Also recommended

Gerber diaper bags (made by AD Sutton) are affordable and fashionable. At only $20 to $30 (often on sale), the Gerber Diaper Tote features a large shoulder strap, a large zip front pocket with elastic bottle holders, two more front pockets and one in back. Plus there is a spacious changing pad. The polyester fabric wipes clean and the style is neutral in chocolate brown with green trim. Feedback on these bags has been positive.

Carter’s totes are another style to consider. At $40, they offer mesh and zippered interior pockets, built in bottle holders, accessory pouch and stroller loops along with the changing pad.

Diaper bag competition

The competition falls into two categories: the under $40 diaper bags that have few features, cheap fabrics and aren’t durable . . . and the over $40 bags with lots of accessories. An example of the under $40 bags: the Babies R Us 5 in 1 diaper bag ($30). Parents complain the handle ripped and zippers broke. The over $40 options are more feature rich, but still can have some of the issues with quality. Trend Lab also makes a variety of styles in the under $40 category but they are afflicted with similar issues.

To sum it up

The SoHo Diaper Bag is really a great deal for the number of items it includes. Parents are happy with all the items, especially the insulated bottle bag and love the second, smaller bag-within-a-bag. While there were some complaints about zippers malfunctioning and unraveling threads, the majority of parents thought the SoHo was worth it.


SoHo Diaper Bag

SoHo 6-in-1

You can’t beat the price of the SoHo Diaper Bag–for just $21.99, you get a raft of accessories including insulated bottle bag, changing pad and bag-within-a-bag.

$21.99* at Amazon

* Prices change daily. Shop carefully.